Public Speaking and Joie de Vivre

Public Speaking and Joie de Vivre

Uh oh.  Like so many people, I created a bucket list.  In the past month, some things have happened to put one of the items into motion to make it happen. This scares me a little bit. Or a lot.

The particular bucket list item is speaking at a conference in front of other human resources professionals, attorneys, business owners, and probably a lot of people smarter than me.  Or I.  Or one.  Or whatever.bozo

According to a variety of polls, public speaking is the number one fear of most American people. In fact, the Washington Post reported that more people are afraid of public speaking than clowns.  That means public speaking is REALLY SCARY.

I did something else really scary a few years back.  I remember thinking that at age 29, I had gotten into a frumpy hum-drum rut in my life.  I decided to shake things up by bungee jumping for my 30th birthday.   My jump was more of a bungee fall, as the only way I could overcome the desire for self-preservation (and unclench my hands from the railing) was to turn around and “fall” backwards off the platform.  But, I did it.

Actually more exciting than the bungee falling was the feeling of joie de vivre that stayed with me for quite a while.  “Joie de vivre” or “exuberant enjoyment of life” is something that we all need to have… least once in a while, and I think that’s why we make bucket lists.

So, in 2017, make a bucket list, do something challenging, put the “joie” back in your life on a regular basis.






One Year Until My Son Leaves For College

It doesn’t seem possible.

In about one year, my son, Calvin, will start college.  That means that I have only about 365 days to prepare him – and me – for that event.  This blog will be the yearlong journey toward loosening the apron strings and getting a son in college.

I was so prepared for Calvin to go to college when he was five.  I did all the right things: started a college fund, had him tested for gifted in kindergarten and dutifully took him to soccer practice.  When he started playing the trumpet in middle school, I envisioned music scholarships and avenues of music greatness.  At the start of high school, I was uncomfortably aware that college wasn’t far away, but I was certain that we’d enjoy the four years of high school together.  Suddenly, I have one year to help him make a decision on a college, ensure that we (“we” meaning Calvin and parental units) have a way to pay for it, quit helicoptering and, oh yes, enjoy his senior year.  That’s a lot to do in one year.

So, until next time, I’ll watch “Mulan”, one of our favorite Disney movies, and browse City of College Dreams website to seek scholarships for procrastinating tuba playing future physics majors.