We are looking for a new church home.  It’s really hard to make this change because of the memories we have at our former church home.  I raised my son in that church and “re-met” my husband there.  (My husband and I actually knew each other in high school.  The extent of our relationship consisted of me smiling at him and him calling me “dude” and as you can guess, it really didn’t go anywhere at that time.)

So, it’s hard to leave home, whatever that home may be.  However, I think we have times in our lives that we have to leave what is comfortable in order to continue to grow, and we’ve reached that time.

I have turned to a movie to prove my point, because, as you know, we should live our lives based on Hollywood’s interpretation of life.  One of my favorite movies is “Stranger Than Fiction”.  Harold Crick does the same thing the same way every day and he just exists.  It isn’t until one small thing changes in his life, that he actually begins to live a different, more enjoyable, and more significant life.

But, it’s hard to make a change.  The pain of staying the same has to become greater than the pain of change in order to get us started on our journey.  For some people, they endure the pain of staying the same because the fear of change is so huge.  By the way, that’s called metathesiophobia – in case you need to label it for someone else.

Remind yourself that you have made successful changes in life: going to kindergarten, learning to drive, graduating, living on your own, getting married, getting divorced, finding a church home, learning a job, moving across the country.  Build upon those successes and remember that when you made those changes, there were good times and bad times, but the outcome was another step forward in that journey of life.

So, if you are at that point in life where you need to make a change, embrace it.  Put on your best smile, square your shoulders and walk into that new place with hope.  If it isn’t the one for you, try another and another until you know that you have made a change for the better and count it among your successes in life.