Update on Junior the Wonder Cat

junior-with-his-new-lookUpdate on Junior the Wonder Cat.

For those of you who asked, Junior is doing much better.  In a nutshell, Junior tore his kitty equivalent of his ACL, didn’t eat for a few days, and got fatty liver.

So, after many doctor visits (and a doctor change), IVs, antibiotics, and lots and lots of canned food, Junior seems to be on the mend.

Because he didn’t feel well, he stopped grooming for a while and we wound up with a very matted tangled cat.  So, the decision was made to shave him into a lion cut.  Other than being chilly, I think he really likes the low maintenance of short hair.

So, here we are 9 months after his original injury.  I just looked that up to see if I could figure out how long that was for Junior.  One “cat age” calculator indicated that 9 months of age equals 12 years of human age.  That doesn’t mean that every 9 months ages him 12 years, but, I’m sure if he could talk, the last 9 months did feel like a decade of not feeling the best. But, we are hopeful that good things come to those who wait.