Beauty Parlors

I have a new haircut.

One way that I know I have a new haircut, other than the obvious reason that I was present when it was done, is that I have a really cute lock of hair that wants to fall into my left eye.  However, that lock of hair is blended and balanced into a chic updated “do” that takes ten years off my age.  (Or so my stylist promised.)

I remember a long time ago our moms and grandmothers used to visit the beauty salon and spend several hours there getting beautiful.  Some women even visited their salon weekly.  There were times I went with my Mom and I just didn’t get why these women would want to come into a chemical scented place, with hot dryers that imprisoned you in a chair, boring magazines, and lots of chitchat.  One home salon that my mom visited for a while also had a small TV where women could watch their soap operas while getting their hair done.  (Apparently, what is old is new again, because we now have a couple of local barber shops with multiple big screen TVs.)

I remember my Mom and my friends’ moms being gussied up after a visit to the beauty shop, but also that they were a little more relaxed, happy, and willing to tolerate us kids a little better.  Short of the beauty shop serving wine (which makes you wonder if they did), there must be something to taking time out for yourself and being pampered a little bit.

As a child, this just didn’t make sense to me.  As I got older and directed my own coiffure, I steered toward quick “in and out” chain salons that were identical from town to town.  Getting my hair styled was a chore, just like standing in line at the bank or washing my car.

Ironically, now that my hair is a little thinner and has a lot more natural highlighting (which shows up when you have a teenager in the house) I want to go back to the beauty parlor days.  I want to slow down, read some magazines, indulge in chitchat, and take time to be pampered a little bit.

Maybe a little beauty parlor time is what we are lacking in our rush-rush society today.  Just think how relaxed (and pretty) everyone would be if they just went to the old fashioned beauty salon once in a while.









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