Our Christmas Present – Another Grownup in the House

Christmas break is drawing to a close.

We have been experiencing the first Christmas break of our college student and it’s not been too bad.

I was prepared for daily battles of what time he thought he should come home and I would be moping around because he was spending more time with friends than family. But that’s not so…

It actually started prior to the break. We were on the phone catching up about finals and the end of the semester. Two important things stood out in our conversation. He had aced Physics and he wanted to pick up a few hours of work while on break to get some spending money. I don’t know which made me happier – good grades or the desire to work.

Throughout the break, he has done a good job of balancing work, friends and family. Even last night, he spent some time with friends and then came home to Mohaska Farmhouse pizza and a Red Box rental and spent the rest of the evening with us.

Could it be that college is not only helping my son get ready for a job, but helping him become an adult?  Or that he’s experienced more things and now home doesn’t seem so bad?

Whatever the case, I’m enjoying it.