Loosening Apron Strings, the Saga Continues

I’ve been quiet for the last few months.  Sorry about that.

We managed to get our son off to college and in some ways, I thought this blog should be over.  After all, my intention was to talk about that final year of high school, getting ready for college and how we dealt with it.  However, I realized that with the title “Loosening the Apron Strings” could mean a lot more than just that one year.  So, here I am, a parent of a freshman in college. If you read “Chrisman 2 College” (another blogger, who may be having waaaay too much fun in college) perhaps my blogs will offer the parent view point.

In a nutshell, the summer seemed to drag and fly by.  Each day I wanted to accomplish something to get ready for college.  Things like, 1) my son communicating with his roommate, 2) buying necessary residence hall supplies, 3) washing things (not sure what things – but they needed to be washed) 4) getting a new cell phone that is dependable and the back stays on, 5) well, you get the idea.  I had a list of things that I felt needed to be done.  In the middle of summer, we took a family vacation/family reunion trip to Portland, Oregon and an older nephew worked on luring my son over to the dark side of computer programming.  Considering the nephew is now living and working abroad for Microsoft, maybe that isn’t such a bad route after all.  My son worked on procrastinating for the summer, resulting in a flurry of activity the week before he moved into the residence hall.

By the way, does it really make it so much better to call a 10 ft by 15 ft room that you have to share with a stranger, the “residence hall”?  While on campus, we were corrected a few times when we referred to his temporary dwelling as a “dorm room”.  It might be a longer and fancier name, but it’s still a dorm room.

So here we are, right before Thanksgiving.  My son made it home yesterday.  All 85 miles by himself.  I’m still not used to him driving the highways by himself, but at least I know that he can find his way home.  In the past couple of years, he has demonstrated himself to be geographically challenged, which made our selection of University of Arkansas almost a must.  If he can find the highway and go north – he’ll find his hometown. And thankfully he did.

We’ve already spent one evening grilling him about every detail at college.  It seems strange to not have a part of his daily life, but it is great to find out that we still do have a part of his life.  I used to hear about “cutting the apron strings” but I hope that we never cut them entirely, just stretch them out a bit.

So, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you with apron strings that extend all over the world.