Wants and Needs

I know I haven’t posted much lately and it’s probably because I’ve been practicing denial. However, the fact is, we are 7 days away from moving Calvin to college.

We have been gathering stuff here and there. Even as late as yesterday, I ordered another set of twin xl sheets because I am not certain that my son will timely change and wash his sheets and at least this way, he can have a clean set and a set in the laundry bag waiting to come home to Mom.

I know that we still lack things, not only because the Bed Bath and Beyond checklist says that we are, but because it’s hard to envision what it is like sharing a small room with another person and just getting what you really NEED versus what you WANT.

This move is a tough choice. My son’s close friends are remaining in our hometown to go to the local university, which I noted in a previous blog, was not the place where my son wanted to go. It comes back to that WANT and NEED again.  He could have fulfilled a NEED to go to college at a local university and lived at home, thus getting an inexpensive education.  However, he chose to fulfill a WANT to go off to college and now we are facing all the changes that are about to be put into motion.

So, here is to wants and needs and a new school year.  I know that all of our students going off to college are facing the changes that their choices have put into place.  It’s all a part of taking that next step on the path to becoming an adult.