Summer vacationI haven’t said much lately because we’ve been busy and I think we’ve all tried to pretend that it is “just another summer”.  But it’s not.  We have 25 days until we take Calvin to college.

After much insistence that he didn’t need any more clothing, my son acquiesced to going shopping yesterday and we added to his casual wardrobe and a little to the slightly dressed up wardrobe.  That also gave me a chance to talk to him about what’s going on in his head about going off to school.

Turns out, some of those mornings where he was incredibly tired from what I thought was gaming into the night, were actually from lying awake thinking about college.  It seems that he is a little worried, not so much about the academics, but more about making friends, where to sit in the dining hall and missing Junior the Cat.  (Which I interpreted as missing home)  He is going from a 2,000 student high school campus to a 17,000 student college campus.  His close friends are staying in our hometown to attend the local college and living at home in order to save money and not get into debt.  (Both excellent choices!)  Now that we are this close, he is seeing that this is really going to happen.

My mother’s heart wanted to make it wonderful for him.  I wanted to say, “Oh, let’s just enroll you in MSSU and you can stay home and hang out with your friends,” because that would be easy and fun and I’d love to have him around the house a few more years.  But, I also know that this will be good for him to stretch, to be a little uncomfortable and to try something harder than he has ever done before.  So, I said the right thing.  I told him I was proud of him choosing to take the harder path at this time and that I knew that he could do it.

So, here we are.  I’m trying to prepare him (and me) by making lists each day of “things” that need to be done.  As if, somehow, being busy with car repairs, buying dorm supplies and running errands will ready the  both of us for him going away to college.  I am thinking that we both have chosen the harder path, but I am confident that both of us will be even better for traveling it.