Seven Shirts to Pack

Seven Shirts to Pack

man-with-laundryWe have survived College Orientation.

It was a fast paced 24 hours of meetings, walking, people and waiting.  It seemed very strange to watch our son get in line to confer with a stranger (a/k/a an advisor) about his future.   We also took an in-depth look at a residence hall room (they are not called “dorm rooms’ any more).  Other than my son likes to have all his “stuff” filed on any horizontal surface, the fact that he’s fairly low maintenance in the clothing and shoe department will work well for him.

We had discussed having enough clothes so that he could do weekly laundry and be in good shape if he procrastinated (never!) and didn’t get laundry done on a strictly 7 day schedule.  However, he came up with the alternate solution of having 7 shirts and pairs of pants but only doing laundry every other week.  That way he didn’t have to spend his valuable time in the laundry area and his clothes could air out as he rotated through them.  Also, the twice monthly washing schedule would save money on laundry detergent.  Great idea!

When he comes up with ideas like these for college, I think they are brilliant.   He will have more time to study by spending less time in the laundry area and on dates.

Oh Calvin.