Go For Launch

My son is officially done with high school.

The last five days flew by with finals, AP tests, turning in laptops, the final band concert, yearbook signings and getting the all important “walking papers” signed and turned in.  Walking papers are like Mission Control doing their final launch status check:

Calculus?  Calculus Go.

American History?  American History Go.

– Library?  Library go for launch.

IT?  IT, laptop returned and systems are go.

The high school has launched him.  We have the ceremonies left, Baccalaureate and Commencement, but for all intents and purposes, I have a high school graduate on my hands.

The emotion is finally catching up with me and after our final band banquet last night, I privately shed a few tears.  I am sad that we are closing the door on this chapter of our lives.  I have had a blast with my son, worried myself sick at times and have been so proud that I thought I would bust.  But, I am excited that he has a plan and the means to accomplish his plan.  I have to trust that over the last 18 years I have instilled the right things in his head and heart and he will choose wisely.  And I need to remember that I still get to be a part of his life, but in a slightly different role.

So, the chapter may be closing, but the story is still unfolding and we are “go for launch” into the next big adventure.

aim high


In the Moment

On Thursday, we received one of the best marketing tools I have ever seen.  It was in a 9×12 envelope, with a notation of “For Future Students Living on Campus – must return in 15 days” and addressed to the parents.  Eek.  What important communication was it?  It demanded to be reviewed immediately!

Upon opening, I found an advertisement to purchase coordinated sheet and towel sets for students.  These sets are guaranteed to save parents money and just to help us out, they included a list of 93 items that students may want to bring.  (However, only 16 of those items were listed as “essential”.)

Whew.  Although I found myself reviewing the list and wondering how in the world we are going to pull it all together and move those items, plus a full sized tuba, to Fayetteville, Arkansas.  Maybe I need to reserve a van now.

However, I have decided not to worry about it right now.  You see, we are wrapping up school with banquets, ceremonies and the big thing – graduation.  I am going to be in those moments, enjoying each and every one of them, and yes, probably shedding a few tears.  I have decided that we really do have time enough to shop for sheets and towels before August.

So, to all of those parents out there who are getting ready for high school graduation, enjoy every minute, even if the commencement speeches seem a little overlong and your child is only 1 out of 503 students.  If it seems like the last 18 years went fast, how fast do you think a two hour commencement ceremony will go?