Growing Up

My son is planning on leaving home within the year.  He wants to go AWAY to college and prove that he’s a grown up.  At the end of his junior year in high school, he started announcing that he was going AWAY and I began to worry.  “Who will make sure he is up on time for class?”  “Who will do his laundry?” (It doesn’t do itself laying on the floor.)  “Who will make sure that he has enough to eat and nag him to take vitamins?”

In the last few months, he has proven that he can do these things.  Like other fine young men his age, food has more appeal than laundry, but I can live with that.  He’s healthy, so maybe he doesn’t need a vitamin EVERY day and he doesn’t like it, but rising early is in his genes, so it’s almost impossible for him to sleep late.   It looks like he will survive even if I’m not there every day to oversee his life.

This makes me think about the baby developmental book that my sister gave me when Calvin was born.  I read it from cover to cover more than once.  There were times that I referred back to it to make sure that I was doing the right thing to stimulate his development and to check to see if he was on track.  I’m sure many of you could admit to doing the same thing with your first (or only) babies.  Oh, how we worried about doing the right thing at the right time.

That’s why I’m pretty sure that helping him go off to college next year is the right thing at the right time.  I’ve come to realize that the goal of parenthood is to work yourself out of a job.  I will miss seeing him every day, but I am positive that I will rejoice in seeing him become the man I know that he is.


Busy Procrastinating

We’ve been busy these past few weeks.  There has been another college visit, this time to a smaller university and without parents.  It is about 30 miles away, and a friend of our son is planning to attend, so we decided they should do the campus tour together.  The redeeming qualities were, “nice architecture, food wasn’t too bad and the tour guide was cute.”  This particular place is the alma mater of one of Calvin’s parents (me) and two of his step-parents.  Wouldn’t be nice if that offered some sort of discount that we could stack up and he could go for free?

However, I fear that his procrastination may be his undoing. At this very moment, he is sitting across from me, furiously finishing a scholarship application that needs to be submitted by 5 pm tomorrow. Nevermind that he has known about this application for months.  We have another major scholarship application due in two weeks.  Ultimately, his motivation is:  Find enough money to go where he wants, or go to the local university for next to nothing.  Hmmmmm….That would have made me a little less of a procrastinator.

However, that wasn’t my problem when I was his age.  I somehow thought (and still do) that those who turn items in early get brownie points.  Although, that never really worked to my advantage.  Perhaps the scholarship committees, reading the last application (my son’s) stamp it and say “Yes!  Yes!  This is the last one!  Give HIM the money!”  That wouldn’t surprise me with his combined luck and skill.