Penultimate Parent-Professor Parley

Well, the silly title is a nod to those who love alliteration.  (You know who you are)

I did participate in the Penultimate Parent-Professor Parley yesterday, also known as the Next-to-Last Parent-Teacher Conference.  The Joplin High School teachers are great.  They recognize that seniors think they want to be OUT of school and don’t write them off for that.  Also, many of the teachers are doing things to get our kids ready for the realities of college with assignment information, communication and expectations.  Thank you!

I was worried that I would spend this whole year attending my last (or next-to-last in this case) events and blubbering the whole time.  I am striving for a happy medium between Mr. Spock and Sally Field.  I realize that I will shed some tears and I will laugh out loud over the next few months.  Isn’t that what we all hope for?


One College Visit Down

It’s been a while since I have posted.  I’d like to blame it on being too busy, but I really think it’s because I have been ostriching.  “Ostriching” or burying my head in the sand.

I know that we are less than one year before my son goes to college.  We have managed to make it to one college to visit.  It was a great visit.  I only teared up once when the admissions staff presented us with a picture of my son’s name and his future degree.  Sneaky photoshoppers!

It was an eye-opening experience.  Our day was exciting, busy, full of students going in every direction, a student ambassador with a memorized speech and the occasional look of fear crossing my son’s face.  I went to two small universities for my matriculation and lived at home.  I decided after the college visit, that I might sell everyone and go back to college and live on campus.  It looked like fun!

But, alas, it isn’t about me, but about the soon-to-be college student living under my roof.  I think he’s almost ready to go, but that first step into the big wide world is a doozy.  Also, it’s an important step, so he’s stressing a little about making the perfect choice.  I have to periodically remind him that I want him to make a good choice, but if it isn’t the best choice, we can and will change direction.

When we are young we are so scared of taking the “wrong” path.  But sometimes, the path isn’t wrong, but a different route to what we want.  Or, it’s a different route to something even better.  But, it’s scary taking that first step.

So, we are scheduling more college visits.  Hopefully I’ll be less “busy” and more chatty about process of loosening the apron strings.