First Days and Fresh Starts

Wednesday was the first day of Calvin’s senior year at high school.

I’ve always liked the first day at school.  When I was in school, the first day was filled with new school clothes, unread textbooks and grand plans for the school year.  It’s still pretty much the same except teenage boys really don’t want new school clothes, we’ll be making the trip to get the school supplies tonight or tomorrow and our school does laptops instead of textbooks.

However, the feeling is still there.  It’s a new beginning – a fresh start.  Fall just makes me want to make resolutions and do spring cleaning instead of waiting until the traditional dates in the calendar. Right now, I can see a successful senior year with straight As, a performance with the state honor band and the Constitution Team going to Washington DC for nationals.  (I want to go too!) If you were a “Calvin and Hobbs” fan, today is the last strip, Calvin and Hobbs looking at a field of unspoiled snow and pondering the possibilities.  (

So, this senior year is full of possibilities and we’re just starting the exploration.


One Year Until My Son Leaves For College

It doesn’t seem possible.

In about one year, my son, Calvin, will start college.  That means that I have only about 365 days to prepare him – and me – for that event.  This blog will be the yearlong journey toward loosening the apron strings and getting a son in college.

I was so prepared for Calvin to go to college when he was five.  I did all the right things: started a college fund, had him tested for gifted in kindergarten and dutifully took him to soccer practice.  When he started playing the trumpet in middle school, I envisioned music scholarships and avenues of music greatness.  At the start of high school, I was uncomfortably aware that college wasn’t far away, but I was certain that we’d enjoy the four years of high school together.  Suddenly, I have one year to help him make a decision on a college, ensure that we (“we” meaning Calvin and parental units) have a way to pay for it, quit helicoptering and, oh yes, enjoy his senior year.  That’s a lot to do in one year.

So, until next time, I’ll watch “Mulan”, one of our favorite Disney movies, and browse City of College Dreams website to seek scholarships for procrastinating tuba playing future physics majors.